CPA Exam Resources

Getting Started

When deciding to sit for the CPA Exam, it is important to move forward with a strategy in mind.

A successful CPA candidate should first decide on the best time of year to take the CPA Exam based on their work schedule and then set up a study schedule, using a strong CPA Review course with strong practice questions following the multiple choice question and simulation format of the exam.

Most successful CPA exam candidates say that the earlier you take the exam after graduating from college, the better. Your work schedule will only get more demanding, and you will still have good test taking skills from school. So, you can put those strong self-study and test-taking skills to work and sit for the exam as soon after graduation as possible – but it isn’t crucial with the right CPA Exam Review course. Surgent CPA Review meets you where you’re at, with study materials adapted to your knowledge base to help you become a Certified Public Accountant.

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Create a study plan and stick to it

During your CPA Exam prep, there are a few study tips to help you.

  • Find a CPA Exam Review course that fits your personal learning style, check out Surgent’s CPA Review course in the video!
  • Concentrate on 1 section of the CPA Exam at a time
  • Break up your modules into small chunks – Surgent’s CPA prep course has taken this advice and created study materials to help, like our video lectures are small bite-sized chunks
  • Utilize a study planner tool – Surgent CPA Review’s study guide tool is interactive and will steer you through the various modules and provide guidance on how much study time to put in each day
  • Plan for the time investment – With Surgent CPA Review, students pass in 58 hours on average, almost 4x faster than other CPA Exam prep courses! And with our unlimited access, we’re with you until you pass.

How to find time for CPA study materials

Everyone is busy with work and/or home life, but your strategy is key. Without making time for practice tests, flashcards and other study materials, you’ll struggle on exam day. Here’s the strategy we recommend

  • Review your entire life for a week
  • Block out times you sleep
  • Block out times you commute
  • Block out times you work
  • Allow for 1 hour/day for a break
  • Create a study schedule with your CPA course based on this

Worried about the cost of your CPA journey? We get it – but you have options. Whether it’s utilizing a CPA Review Payment Plan, applying for CPA Review Course scholarships or monetary scholarships.

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