When CPA Exam Review Providers call you (and we know they call you), we bet they are telling you about all kinds of data, like pass rates, price, and even customer satisfaction scores.

Here is some data we bet they aren’t telling you:

  1. The CPA Exam’s pass rates have not increased while their prices have.
  2. The abandonment rate on the CPA Exam is 43%
  3. It takes 162-279 hours of study for the average section using their course*

And how can we be so sure that CPA Review Providers are not sharing this data with you?  Because we think CPA Review Providers are the biggest contributors to these depressing statistics.

You see, as the CPA Exam has continued to get larger and larger with more content being tested, many review courses have not modified their instructional design enough to allow students to effectively manage all that content.  As more and more standards are added to the test, these course simply pile it on top of all the other content to be studied.

The Surgent CPA Review is different.  Very different.

Surgent is the only CPA Review that fully utilizes adaptive learning.  We use student scoring history and planned exam dates to create daily “Surge Cards” that packages a student’s daily study with the exact questions and problems to study, the exact videos to watch, and the exact portions of our textbooks to read.

The result?  More focused learning to weaker areas, and much less study time.

Want to know how sure we are that the Surgent CPA Review is better than EVERY other CPA Exam Review?  Schedule a demo with us and invite one of your associates currently studying with another review course to watch.  At the end of the demo we are certain that will tell you they wish they had used Surgent instead.

To schedule as demo, please email us at

*Watch each video only one time, read textbook at 10 pages per hour, see each MCQ twice at 90 seconds per question, work every simulation only once at 20 minutes per problem.